Couple Counselling

Have you found you have stopped having quality time with your partner? Do you feel your relationship is seeking a check-up or have you found yourself facing more serious issues? Romantic relationships are hard work and require regular maintenance. Couple therapy can often help resolve current problems. It can sometimes feel like you have fallen out of love with your partner - you love them but you are wondering if you are in love with them? Couple counselling can help couple gain insights into why they feel and act the way they are doing. Spending time concentrating on your relationship, with support from a couple counsellor, can help you begin to understand what you now desire from your relationship and learn how to make changes to achieve this.

Good, clear, effective communication is at the heart of an intimate relationship. It could be that both parties have always struggled to discuss their thoughts and feelings or something more recently has shifted. Having an opportunity to reflect upon your communication styles could lead to a deeper level of understanding your partner. During this process you may add some new tools to your tool box which can be used in your intimate relationship and with others.

Have you been having an affair? Discovered your partner has been involved with someone else? Affairs are an act of betrayal and can represent a turbulent time in a relationship. As a relationship therapist I have been trained to specifically work with couples through this type of crisis. Working with individuals/couples we can explore the journey that allowed a third person to enter your relationship and look towards your future. Then you can decide what your relationship could look like if you choose to move forward together. This can be a tough and difficult process however couples can get through these traumatic events and go on to create or rebuild a loving intimate relationship. It can be useful to consider this process in 3 stages ; crisis, meaning making and visioning. As your relationship therapist, I can help support you through these difficult stages as you begin to look towards your future.

Have you recognised that having small children has had an impact upon your relationship and was not how you had imagined? Do you feel your intimate relationship has been put on hold and your roles as parents have taken over? Or have your young people begun to leave your home and now you are facing how your future looks without having to put the children first? Each of these life stages can have a significant impact upon our sense of self and our intimate relationship. Counselling can be a useful space to explore your feelings during these changes and help support you as you travel down this new path.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs for ongoing counselling.

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